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How to get to Coventry

Coventry is very close to Birmingham International Airport (10 min via train). There is also an airport in Coventry, but not many airlines are operating there. Visit the Skyscanner website for cheap flights.

Alternatively, it is possible to fly to London and continue the travel via coach or train. See the Coventry University website travel pages for general travel information.

Coach services, which directly approach Coventry from most airports within the UK, can be found on the National Express website while the train connections are accessible at the National Rail website.


* ABC Motels (4 min walk to Coventry University)
* Ibis (10 min walk to Coventry University)
* Formule1 (10 min walk to Coventry University)
* Britannia Hotel (2 min walk to Coventry University)
* Travelodge (5 min walk to Coventry University)
* Premier Inn (10 min walk to Coventry University)
* Ramada (10 min walk to Coventry University)

The City of Coventry and its surroundings

Situated at the heart of England, the City of Coventry lies in an area surrounded by some of the most attractive countryside in the County of Warwickshire. The City is within easy reach of Kenilworth with its ruined sandstone castle, Leamington Spa with its Regency and Victorian terraces, the county town of Warwick with its famous Mediaeval Castle and the Tudor town of Stratford upon Avon, which is now a shrine to the English playwright William Shakespeare.

The City of Coventry is also a popular tourist centre, being noted for its contrasting ancient mediaeval and modern architecture. Symbolic of this feature is the siting of the new Cathedral adjacent to the ruins of the old. The University enjoys the facilities and attractions of the City Centre, and is situated directly opposite the new Cathedral.

Coventry is easily reached by road, rail and air, there being a half-hourly intercity rail service to and from London, taking just over an hour, and the International Airport at Birmingham is only 15 minutes away. There are also direct coach and rail services operating between Coventry and all the UK major airports.

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